Getting Your Skippers Ticket

We provide a variety of training options to suit your desired skippers ticket cost. We also cater our courses to the individual needs of each student. If you need more time to get comfortable handling a boat we can work with you until your are confident. We don’t rush our students.

Skippers Ticket Cost Break Down

Price Plan | Price


Standard Combo

$200 – (or $180 if booked and paid online.)

  • For average, semi-experienced boaters
  • Online study tools and practical training
  • Includes:
  • $50 – Theory Exam
  • $50 – Practical Test
  • $100 – 1 Hour Practical Training/Revision
  • Free boat hire

Special Combo

$300 – (or $270 if booked and paid online)

  • For less experienced boaters
  • Includes:
  • 1 x Theory Exam attempts
  • 2 hours of practical training and assesment
  • Free boat hire

License Transfer


  • Have an interstate or overseas boating license/ticket that you would like to transfer?
  • We offer a transfer service on valid and current eligible tickets.

If you possess an Interstate License of International Boat licence, contact us and we will transfer your license for $50 on the spot. Look at the list on the Department of Transport website or contact us to find out if your existing license is valid.

The recreational skippers ticket requirements are minimal and very easy to meet.

In fact, all you need is a current driver’s license (or learners permit) or a valid ID and proof of eyesight paperwork.

As a driver’s license or learner’s permit holder, you would have already had your eye site tested by the Department of Transport. This form of identification is all that is required to prove adequate eyesight for recreational boating.

If you do not have a current driver’s license, you will need to provide alternative proof of identity. You will also need to provide an eye sight test (see below).

Skippers Ticket Paperwork


Proof of identity

You only need to provide ONE full proof of identity document, no other I.D. required

  • Australian Drivers Licence
  • Australian Passport
  • Proof of age Card
  • Australian Defence force photographic identity card
  • Federal or Western Australian police officer photographic identity card
  • Marine Certificate of Competency carrying a photograph of the holder

If you are unable to provide any of these items please feel free to get in touch to work out alternative arrangements.

Eye Sight

If you do not hold a valid drivers license or learners permit, you will be required to have an eye sight test done. This  eye test MUST be completed and filled out using the correct Department of Transport form. Non Department of Transport forms will likely be rejected by the department. To download the form click here: Eyesight Test/Medical Declaration form. The eyesight test can be carried out by any medical professional.

Medical Declaration

No medical or fitness test is required. The Medical Declaration is a simple self declaration. If you believe you may have a medical condition that could affect your ability to safely and responsibly skipper a boat, a medical examination is required. Honesty is crucial here.

Such medical conditions include:

  • Epilepsy, fits, Giddiness, Fainting, Seizures,
  • Heart Disease
  • High/Low Blood Pressure
  • Arthritis
  • Type 1 Diabetes
Please note that the Declaration of Medical Fitness is attached to the eyesight form. The Declaration of Medical Fitness only needs to be done if you have a serious medical condition (see above).